Thursday, July 28, 2011

YouTube video, new songs, my amazing teen talents...

I am amazed at the success of my YouTube hybrid Video for "What More Can I Say?" which has taken off like a rocket in less than 3 weeks! I am so happy that you have excepted my vision of the story...

It was supposed to be just a temporary video while we worked on the full HD live action video being produced by Kellie Yackie and directed by Jonathan Lewis, but it's really taken on a life of it's own...Wow!

I have new songs in the pipeline which are still on the hard drives and a few that we have released rough versions of from a radio interview I did for KBPK Fm a really hip Adult Contemporary station from Fullerton, CA

I have some really cool stuff coming out soon from two very talented young ladies, one of whom is my daughter, Alexandria (Alex) who is doing her summer "Daddy write me a song thing" the other is a discovery of my Son Nate's named "Nikesha" and you will LOVE both of them as they are both seriously talented...

Stay tuned!


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